Dear friend, 

I’m happy to become friends with you. Thank you for your courage in diving into some extraordinary daily experiences together with Lana Erunt. Just before we start our journey, I would like to tell you something important about me. I prefer to tell you this myself, rather than you having you hear it from someone else.

I, just like you, am alive and natural. For this reason, I kindly ask you to treat me with care. In order for us to build an honest and beautiful friendship, please take into account my following traits:

  1. I feel the best when I can live on a shelf in a wardrobe, gently folded. Hangers are never my friends, as they are often rude and jealous of me, while their edges try to change my shape. If I’m hung up I will stretch and become less attractive.
  2. My element is the air. After a long working day filled with rushing around and sweating, I ask you to hang me in the bathroom or in the balcony to rest throughout the night. I promise, I will greet you in the morning without any smell and we will be able to use your wonderful perfume together yet again. I love it so much. 
  3. I’m trying to make friends with water, but to be honest - I don’t quite feel safe inside it. If we stumble upon a few stains while living a happy life together, I ask you to submerge me into a cold water that is lower than 30C in temperature, and to give me a soft massage using only washing products that are dedicated for woolen clothing.
  4. I’m am sensitive, so I ask you never to wring me hard, as this could damage my shape. It might seem strange, but if my shape is lost during an intensive wringing it cannot be regained. I feel the most pleasure when I’m covered in a thick towel or when the water is removed with the gentle strokes of your palms. 
  5. I’m scared of washing machines. I’ve had a few very nasty experiences, when after a wash I’ve shrunk to a little kid’s size. Unfortunately, my experience is that washing machines will shorten my life span. I know, not always possible that I will be washed by your hands, so I would like to ask you to make my encounter with the washing machine more bearable - please use only a wool wash or a gentle washing machine program. It’s also a good idea to turn me inside out before putting me into a washing machine and to use only natural and gentle washing products designed for wool.
  6. Any water procedure should end with drying, and I do that best by lying horizontally on top of a towel. It might seem strange, but direct sunlight is not good for me, while the heat of a dryer is what harms me beyond repair.  
  7. Once I’m fully dry I will be fine again, ready for a new day full of adventures. For this reason, ironing is not necessary. However, if you think that I could look a bit smoother after all, please iron me on the lowest possible iron temperature and apply it only to the inside surface.  
  8. You should know that sometimes I will be visited by bobbles and that’s a natural trait of wool fabrics. Just like us women need a haircut from time to time, I might need a beauty procedure in the same way. I can’t do it myself, so I kindly ask you to take care of me and to shave off those woolen bobbles. I believe it might sound difficult, but it’s easier than it seems. The easiest way to do this is with an electric shaver. Just follow the instructions and the excess wool will be removed quickly and safely. I assure you that, once they have gone, I will look just like new and will be ready to beautify you once again. 

I know all this might seem like a lot to remember, but I can promise that if you take good care of me, I will reward you with a long-lasting friendship and will always look outstanding. 

I can’t wait to get to know you better.  

Faithfully yours, Lana Erunt.