Privacy Policy

Lana Erunt (also 'We, us, our') as data controllers, inform you of the following: 
The data controllers for purchase purposes will process your personal data only for online purchase purposes and compliance with relevant law requirements, in accordance with the applicable law.

Data collection and purposes of processing

We collect personal data from you at online registration and afterwards in the course of our activities, including online and including details of your purchases for the following purposes: to comply with laws, enforce rights and provide after-sale services, if you require these services to us (including fraud prevention, returns, guarantee, and customer support). Online activities include managing your interaction with Lana Erunt website (subscription to website and online initiatives like newsletters, mailing lists and promotions) and delivery of requested information/material; see Lana Erunt Privacy Policy at Providing data for these purposes is necessary; if you do not provide data it would not be possible to provide the products or services that you request. Data may be used to update and correct the information previously collected on you. 

Additional data processing purposes

With your consent, which is optional, Lana Erunt, at points of sale and by paper and/or electronic forms or online may collect information on your preferences, habits, lifestyle. 
These data together with details of your purchases, with your consent, are used for marketing operations, commercial or advertising communications, direct sale, market surveys, sales support in shops worldwide through e-mail, telephone, sms, mms, chat, social network and traditional mail, including possible invitations to Lana Erunt events. 
With your consent, data are also used to define individual and group profiles (profiling purposes) and to send you personalized communications. You may always specify your preferred means of contact and you may always opt out of receiving promotional communications through one or all of the communication channels listed above. Consent for marketing and profiling purposes above specified is optional and if you deny consent, this will have no consequences. 

Ways of data processing and data security

We process data in paper and electronic form in line with security requirements defined by applicable laws; our data processors below specified and our authorized personnel (for example personnel of CRM, IT, Retail Departments) can access data on a need-to- know basis. 

Extent of data communication and transfer abroad

Personal data are shared with public entities, banks, third parties involved in corporate transactions and extraordinary operations, and legitimate transferees under the law. Furthermore, we transfer personal data to consultants, professional and technical service providers related to the purposes mentioned above as our data processors. Third parties only receive the information necessary to carry out the relevant activities. Other companies directly or indirectly controlled by Lana Erunt, may access personal data for profiling, marketing and customer relationship management purposes. Your personal data are not disclosed to unidentified recipients. 

Privacy rights – Data controllers and processors - Information

You may always enforce your privacy rights as provided for by applicable law, for example you may access the data, verify data content, origin, accuracy, you may ask that data be integrated, updated, amended, deleted, blocked for breach of law, you may object to processing for legitimate purposes - for example you may opt-out from marketing activities. The data processor of Lana Erunt for the purposes of this privacy notice is  then current CRM Manager, available at the data controller's offices. In order to have the updated list of the other data processors of Lana Erunt and of data recipients, for further information on the processing of your personal data and to enforce your privacy rights you may contact Lana Erunt