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Dear Friend,
Thank you for your trust in Lana Erunt! I am excited to become friends with you. Our clothes represent life and nature, which is why we kindly ask you to treat them with care. To enjoy a lasting relationship with our clothes, please refer to the following instructions when caring for your items.


Knitwear should be gently folded and lay flat on a shelf in a wardrobe. Please do not use hangers, because they can change the shape of your knitwear.


Our knitwear does not need to be washed after every wear. Instead, we recommend airing them out in your bathroom or on your balcony overnight. This will not only help you conserve water, but also preserve the natural state of your knitwear.


Dry cleaning is recommended, but you can also hand wash gently or machine wash with a special wool program. Ensure that you wash your knitwear with cold water of <30C temperature and the lowest spin cycle. Wash them inside-out with similar colors and use a special wool detergent.


Reshape after washing and dry flat. Do not place in direct sunlight.


Ironing is not necessary. However, if you would like your knitwear to look smoother, iron inside-out with the lowest temperature setting.


Sometimes, knitwear is visited by bobbles; this is a natural characteristic of woolen fabrics and does not indicate poor quality. Just as we need a haircut from time to time, knitwear also benefits from periodic pampering. The easiest way to remove bobbles is with an electric shaver. Just follow the instructions to remove the excess wool quickly and safely. Your knitwear will look brand new and ready to shine afterwards.


Wool can attract moths. Before storing for a long period of time, ensure that your knitwear has been washed. Allow some fresh air into the place of storage regularly and use anti-moth products, such as lavender or cedar bags.

This might seem like a lot to remember, but we promise: if you take good care of our clothes, they will reward you with timeless style and endearing companionship.

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