A new story every day. Just like me, a little different. Searching and dreaming, wishing and experimenting, trying again and again to change. Loving and cold, carrying and reckless, serious and naive, but greeting each day with a full heart of life. You see, I’m versatile, just like you. I’m Lana Erunt.

Each time I glance at the mirror, I remind myself that there is only today, only now. This one remarkable day when I can love myself and enjoy living the life. Experiencing the moment, not as I have to, but as I want to. And yes, I believe in myself and invite you to join me in this adventure of self-exploration.

I’m sharing with you the best that I have discovered. Sweaters, that you have dreamed of for a long time, but never realized that they exist.

They are

Made out of the highest quality Italian wool yarn, than I‘ve collected thinking about the sensations that your body will enjoy while wearing Lana Erunt. They are special! Exceptional minimalism and elegance embedded in timeless classics that I‘ve discovered and fallen in love with.

Let yourself believe and start a friendship with me. 

Lana Erunt – is created having you in mind. 

They are unique!

Each Lana Erunt stitch, every cut and every detail is designed to make you feel perfect and look spotless.

They are precise!

High production standards and attention to every detail gives your impression of a tailored hand made product made up specially for you.

They are in a perfect balance!

Dominating minimalism in style and color pallet are dedicated for an easy matching with other clothing while keeping the focus on you. 

A prefected combination

Lana Erunt is perfected combination which breaks the boundaries and liberates you. She unbinds from restrictions and allows you to be true yourself, just the way you want to be. Together with Lana Erunt the feeling of authenticity, comfort and self-assurance never leaves your side.

Let yourself believe and start a friendship with me. Lana Erunt – is created having you in mind